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AWS Migration Services

Working with our experienced team at StormIT, migrations to AWS are accomplished quickly and securely without undue business interruption. Accelerate your time to value and improve cost efficiency with StormIT and AWS.

StormIT works closely with you at every stage of the AWS Cloud migration journey, from assessing your business needs to planning and executing the migration. We deliver proven tools, methodologies, and expertise that ensure an accelerated, hassle-free migration to the AWS Cloud.


Why managed AWS Cloud migration with StormIT?

Migration to the cloud is not an easy task. We are here to help you simplify the process.

Lower Risks

With our migration program, the whole process of your migration is in the safe hands of our experienced team of AWS certified professionals. This helps you achieve your aims quickly and with the best results.

Cost Optimization

We help you assess your current resources and build a right-sized and optimized cost projection for running applications in AWS. Based on our years of experience in helping customers optimize their computing, storage, database, and networking on AWS.

Faster Time to Business Results

We simplify each step of the migration process, reducing the effort and complexity involved. This helps accelerate your migrations by reducing the time to realize the value of your cloud migration.

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Migration Flow with StormIT

Exercising the AWS Well-Architected Framework for a successful cloud infrastructure migration.



At the start of your journey, we assess your organization's current readiness for operating in the cloud. Most importantly, we help you identify the desired business outcomes and develop the business case for migration.



Clear business case and precise outcomes



As a second step we create a migration plan and refine your business case. We address gaps in your organization's readiness that were uncovered in the assessment phase, with a focus on building your baseline environment (the “landing zone”), driving operational readiness, and developing cloud skills.


Well-designed AWS migration plan

Gaps in your AWS Cloud readiness precisely identified

Simple plan for the development of your cloud skills



In the third phase, each application is designed. For many applications the best approach is to rapidly move to the cloud and then re-architect in AWS. We therefore help you redesign your old legacy systems based on cloud-native principles and enable you to leverage all the advantages of the cloud. We create a cutover plan for the next phase.


Usage of AWS cloud-native applications instead of legacy systems

Architecture with right-sized and optimized AWS resources based on AWS Well-Architected Framework



In the last phase, each application is migrated and validated. While migrating to AWS, you iterate on your new foundation, turn off old systems, and constantly evolve toward a modern operating model. Your operating model becomes an agile set of people, processes, and technology that improves as you migrate more applications.


Rapid migration process without unnecessary business interruption

Technical debt reduction

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StormIT Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Consulting, Modernization and Transformation

Readiness Assessment

Business Outcomes Identification

Selection of an appropriate Migration Strategy

Evaluation of your specific migration needs

Architecture design

Design and deployment of High Availability Architectures

Thorough assessment and security planning

Non-disruptive to your business

Cloud Foundation

AWS Cloud Adoption Framework principles

Tailor-made workshops

Best practices guidance

Cost Optimization and Enterprise Cloud Management Platform

24/7 monitoring for under-utilized assets

Senior AWS Solution Architect consultancy

Cloudcheckr platform access

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