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Cloud Check-Up

Your cloud, your data, your opportunity to gain actionable insights for immediate savings.

The StormIT Cloud Check-Up is a detailed cloud inspection and analysis, designed to pinpoint optimization opportunities, security vulnerabilities, and document shared objectives.

This personalized report demonstrates why StormIT partners with CloudCheckr CMx, the most effective solution for your cloud cost management and governance needs.

Use your cloud data to reveal opportunities to correct over-spending, identify security and compliance vulnerabilities, and plan for future resource needs and expenditures.


Start with Total Visibility of Your Cloud Spend

Your report will pinpoint wasted resources, provide resource re-sizing recommendations, and ensure every dollar spent is optimized across AWS (Amazon Web Service).


Gain Actionable Insights for Immediate Savings

A cloud cost optimization report starts by identifying unused and completely unattached resources and removing them. We’ll highlight wasted or underused resources to keep costs in check.


Achieve Advanced Discounts with RIs and Savings Plans

Reserved Instance savings can reach up to 75%, so this is a must for cloud cost optimization. RIs can be purchased for one or three years; we’ll analyze your past usage and generate a report that helps you save well into the future.


Achieve Unrivaled Security and Compliance

Perform a gap analysis with more than 600 Best Practice Checks to reduce risk, identify security vulnerabilities, and remediate compliance breaks.


Save on Your Data Transfer Out Costs with StormIT CDN Solutions

Depending on your use case, your Data Transfer Out Cost can amount to a significant portion of your overall costs. Find out how much you can save with StormIT CDN Solutions.

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CloudCheckr Laptop


CloudCheckr Laptop


CloudCheckr Laptop


CloudCheckr Laptop

Manage your entire cloud infrastructure in one place.

CloudCheckr brings everything you need to manage and allocate costs, optimize spending, and save money in your AWS Cloud environment.

It includes products for cost management, cloud security, compliance, resource inventory and optimization, and cloud automation.

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