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The Amazon CloudFront content delivery network (CDN) is massively scaled and globally distributed. The CloudFront network currently has 600+ points of presence (PoPs), and leverages the highly-resilient Amazon backbone network for superior performance and availability for your end user. That way, your content can be cached and delivered closer to your players, providing a faster and more reliable user experience.

CloudFront now supports the WebSocket protocol, a real-time communication protocol providing bi-directional connection between a client and an origin to reduce the number of times they have to re-initiate connections. Our gaming customers use this for their features like chat apps, leaderboards, and gameplay.

Fast, highly secure and programmable content delivery network.

Massively scaled and global network

The CloudFront network has 600+ Points of Presence (600+ Edge locations and 13 regional mid-tier caches) in 100+ cities across 47 countries.

Cost Efficient

We offer our customers pay-as-you-go pricing with competitive rates for Amazon CloudFront.

No Commitment

Spiky or seasonal traffic? Not a problem, we don’t require our customers to commit to particular traffic transfers.


We focus on the needs of our customers and not on internal policies.

Secure Your Game

Protect the uptime, performance, and integrity of your game servers with Amazon CloudFront.

Estimate savings

Amazon CloudFront, AWS Shield, AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Amazon Route 53 work seamlessly together to create a flexible, layered security perimeter against multiple types of attacks including network and application layer DDoS attacks.

With CloudFront as the “front door” to your application and infrastructure, you are moving the primary attack surface away from your critical content, data, code and infrastructure.

With Amazon CloudFront, you can deliver your content, APIs or applications via SSL/TLS, and advanced SSL features are enabled automatically.

Additionally, CloudFront provides a number of SSL optimizations and advanced capabilities such as full/half bridge HTTPS connections, OCSP stapling, Session Tickets, Perfect Forward Secrecy, TLS Protocol Enforcements and Field-Level Encryption.

With Amazon CloudFront, you can restrict access to your content through a number of capabilities. With Signed URLs and Signed Cookies, you can support Token Authentication to restrict access to only authenticated viewers. Through geo-restriction capability, you can prevent users in specific geographic locations from accessing content that you're distributing through CloudFront.

CloudFront infrastructure and processes are all compliant with PCI-DSS Level 1, HIPAA, and ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and SOC (1, 2 and 3) to ensure the secure delivery of your most sensitive data.

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