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Lower Your Spend on Content Delivery Network (CDN) services

We help companies to save. No hidden costs or contracts. With a powerful feature set, Amazon CloudFront CDN is the perfect solution for any use case or project of any size.

We provide special pricing for organizations transferring as little as 1 TB of data per month and have saved companies up to 60% on their CDN data transfer-out costs.

Our CloudFront cost calculator will help you estimate how much it will cost you to use CloudFront with StormIT private pricing.

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Frequently asked questions

AWS is a toolbox with 200+ tools/services. We can help you find the best architecture and service/feature combination and assist with the implementation/onboarding.

AWS's on-demand pricing is great to start with but private pricing options may only be available at larger reserved capacities – StormIT provides you with better pricing options with no commitment required.

Getting started with Amazon CloudFront and Edge Security requires a knowledge of these technologies – We have the skillset and the best practices in place to help you onboard and manage these services.

Yes, Amazon CloudFront distribution can be pointed to an external origin as iIt works with any Origin with a public IP address/domain name. You can also benefit from our Edge Security suite which will protect your origin.

Once distribution and security are moved to the edge, you can securely start moving your storage, applications and data to the AWS Cloud and experiment with the 200+ different cloud services available.

We help companies to save. No hidden costs or contracts.

We invest time, resources, and people into building solutions around Amazon CloudFront, the industry-leading and highly secure CDN. We are ready to share our best practices for cost and technical optimization, and to provide you with the special pricing for Amazon CloudFront.

At StormIT we have helped many customers to optimize their overall spending on data transfer (egress bandwidth) from different industries with a broad range of use cases from web applications and blogs to media streaming and gaming.

Below we share an example of a customer from the online gaming industry that has hundreds of thousands of active gamers every day and needs to deliver a mix of dynamic (application traffic) and static content (pictures, videos, CSS styles, js files, etc.) to players. By leveraging Amazon CloudFront, implementing the best practices mentioned above and custom rates for Amazon CloudFront, we managed to achieve significant cost savings for total data transfer out (DTO) from AWS.

As you can see in the graph below, before they worked with StormIT the customers' spending on DTO was slightly above $3000 per month, but after StormIT's optimization, their spending dropped significantly to approximately $1700, which translates to a more than 40% decrease and yearly savings of $18,000.

AWS Cloud is designed with security at its core and helps organizations build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications. AWS provides customers with multiple tools/services to implement enterprise-grade security and protect digital assets and applications from cyber-attacks.

StormIT does not access, modify or in any other way alter the configuration or settings of the AWS accounts, nor does it access or use customers' content for any purpose without prior consent for the exception. It is up to the customer what level of access they would like to provide StormIT with. StormIT doesn't have an overview of the workloads or data stored in the AWS Cloud or origins outside AWS and only accesses service usage data for billing purposes.

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