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AWS Well-Architected Review

Discover opportunities for significant cost savings, improved application performance, and reduced security risks.

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AWS Well-Architected Review Benefits

Well-Architected Review helps existing AWS cloud users optimize cloud environment and aligin with the AWS's best practices. It also guides cloud users to build more secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure for their applications and workloads.

Key benefits of getting Well-Architected:

  • Identify opportunities for cost savings
  • Improve your security posture by reviewing your workloads
  • Design and implement improvement plans that fit your business needs

StormIT's Well-Architected Review Process

From identification to implementation with the StormIT team of certified AWS Solutions Architects and DevOps Engineers, ensuring a robust and optimized AWS Infrastructure.


Identify risks and improvement opportunities

This is achieved through discussions and using the AWS Well-Architected Tool. Typically, we require 1-4 hours of a technical admins's time for the client's AWS infrastructure


Understand risks and improvement opportunities

We create a Well-Architected review document with all information and notes from the customer. It also outlines the potential next steps for improvements.


Prioritize improvements

This is based on what the client wants to prioritize, but also on identifying the potential risk of not implementing the solutions quickly.


Determine solutions

This involves leveraging the insights gathered from the Well-Architected review and aligning them with best practices and industy standards. The solutions should address the identified risks and enhance the overall efficiency, security, and performance of the AWS infrastructure.


Implement and track improvement

Develop and execute a detailed implementation plan. It typically involves collaboration between the technical team, system administrators, and other stakeholders.


Enhancing Architecture with Valuable Insights and Ideas

Well-Architected review is a great way to better understand potential improvements in your current AWS architecture and gain valuable ideas for future development; it’s not an audit but a discussion, focused on optimizing your architecture with insights from certified AWS Solution Architects.


Well-Architected Review Pillars

The AWS Well-Architected Framework can help ensure your workloads are secure, high-performing, and resilient. Regularly review the state of your workloads to identify improvement opportunities across the six AWS Well-Architected Framework pillars.

Operational excellence

Run and monitor systems while continually improving processes and procedures that support your business objectives.


Take advantage of cloud technologies to protect data, systems, and assets in a way that can improve your security posture.


Enable workloads to perform their intended functions correctly and consistently, and recover quickly from failure to meet demands.

Performance Efficiency

Streamline the allocation of IT and computing resources, and maintain efficiency as demand changes and technologies evolve.

Cost Optimisation

Build and operate cost-aware workloads that achieve your business outcomes, while minimising costs and allowing your organisation to maximise its return on investment.


Minimise the environmental impact of running cloud workloads by building architectures that maximise efficiency and reduce waste.

Well-Architected Case Studies

We help organizations optimize their cloud infrastructure with Well-Architected reviews. Here are some recent client case studies.