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Amazon Web Services cost optimization is an ongoing process. Your AWS Cloud environment needs to be monitored at all times to identify when assets are being under-utilized (or not utilized at all) and when opportunities exist to reduce costs by deleting, terminating, or releasing assets. It's also important to stay on top of Reserved Instances to ensure they're being fully utilized.

To help you achieve this, we provide you with our expertise and also access to the Cloudcheckr platform, the industry-leading Cloud Management Platform (CMP).

Cloudcheckr's cloud cost management tools provide everything you need to manage and allocate costs, optimize spending, and save money in your AWS Cloud environment.

Cloudcheckr delivers total visibility, making immediate cost savings achievable even for the most complex cloud infrastructure. It includes products for cost management, cloud security, compliance, resource inventory and optimization, and cloud automation.

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Go Beyond AWS Cloud-native Tools

AWS offers its own integrated management tools, so why consider using the cloud management system?


Robust dashboards with custom panes

Select Best Practices, Cost Savings, CPU Utilization, Spend, etc.

Extremely granular end-user permissions, down to single reports and features

Cost Allocation

Group and filter costs by account, region, service, operation, usage type, and tag

Tagged and untagged resource reports and tagging rules

Split shared costs as desired

Cost Optimization

Right-sizing recommendations include moving up, down or to a different instance type

Heat maps to identify usage trends of instances

Automatically turn off instances when not needed, such as over the weekend


Hundreds of AWS Cost, Security, Availability and Usage checks

600+ checks for Cost, Security, Availability and Usage

Detecting security vulnerabilities and automating corrections


Tracking and scoring of 35 compliance standards

Includes CIS, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOC2, ISO, NIST and many more...

Cloudcheckr platform access

CloudCheckr's cloud management solution includes 2.4 times the Availability checks, 1.6 times the Cost checks, 7.6 times the Security checks and 6 times the Usage checks. That's nearly four times as many checks as AWS offers.

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Cost Optimization

CloudCheckr is a cloud cost management software and helps you eliminate waste and maximize investment

  • Idle, unused, misprovisioned, and previous generation resource identification
  • Intelligent budget alerting
  • Detailed pre-built and custom spend analyses for better cloud cost control
  • Reserved purchase recommendations for six resource types
  • Tag management and cost mapping tools and improperly tagged resource alerts
  • Right-sizing within and across instance families



Security configuration and event logging

  • Secure Configuration:
  • Pre-built CloudTrail alerts, custom alert builder for API calls and resource change information
  • Network & perimeter analysis
  • Custom best practices
  • Activity Monitoring:
  • Aggregated logs across reporting streams, including CloudTrail, CloudWatch Logs, AWS Config, VPC Flow Logs
  • Permissions, security groups, and VPC audit tools


Total Compliance

CloudCheckr is an enterprise cloud management software and helps you with governance at scale

  • Compliance Benchmarking:
  • Full mappings of Best Practice Checks to 30+ compliance frameworks and standards like CIS, NIST 800-53, PCI, HIPAA
  • Remediation:
  • Dozens of automated, customizable remediation options for triggered checks and alerts
  • Cleanup tasks for security groups, volumes, and S3 bucket permissions



Remediation and policy enforcement

  • Automated Remediation:
  • Cleanup tasks for security groups, snapshots, volumes, and S3 permissions
  • Start/stop instances and terminate idle resources
  • Propagate cost allocation tags
  • "Fix Now" Features:
  • Dozens of pre-built, automation options to address triggered checks and other custom alerts
  • Automation and integration-focused platform feature roadmap


Utilization & Inventory

Resource Monitoring, Optimization, and Assessment

  • Usage Insights
  • Interactive heat maps across resource types
  • Usage alerts
  • Resource right-sizing
  • Resource Inventory
  • Aggregated, cross-account inventory insight
  • Resource usage trending information
  • Geographic distribution overlay
  • Custom reporting
  • Resource tag intelligence
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