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Enhancing Security with AWS WAF in CloudFront

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to develop its Amazon CloudFront service by introducing an innovative security feature. Now, you can simply secure your CloudFront distributions even further with AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) security recommendations. This enhancement allows customers to improve their security on the 7th layer of OSI/ISO (application layer) with just a simple selection in the AWS console.

How is AWS WAF integrated into CloudFront?

Recently, AWS CloudFront implemented a "one-click" security protection mechanism in the AWS console.

waf integrates cloudfront

This feature helps with the creation and configuration of AWS WAF to secure your web applications. Now, by adding recommendations based on your CloudFront configuration and a new security dashboard, you can take your security to the next level.

New interactive CloudFront security dashboard

This new feature can be found in the CloudFront console under the “Security” tab. The interactive security dashboard brings AWS WAF visibility and controls directly to your CloudFront distribution, providing insights into your application’s top security trends as well as allowed and blocked traffic.

cloudfront security dashboard

You can also monitor bot activity. Investigative tools like a visual log analyzer and built-in blocking controls make it easy to isolate traffic patterns and block traffic without querying logs or writing security rules.

cloudfront bot control dashboard

New recommendations based on your CloudFront configuration

Customers may encounter an array of security scenarios, but let’s consider one simple example in which you've set up a cache behavior with a WordPress path pattern. In this case, CloudFront can suggest protections that block malicious request patterns typically associated with WordPress, PHP, and SQL databases. These added layers of security are designed to prevent attempts at exploiting vulnerabilities unique to these platforms.

waf cloudfront wordpress recommendation

But that's not all – to fend off potential HTTP floods, CloudFront has incorporated a guided workflow to rate-limit incoming requests. This feature is designed to ensure that requests don't overwhelm your infrastructure. The workflow initiates in monitor mode, capturing valuable metrics. It notifies you if your rate limits are exceeded, providing insights into the frequency and extent of such breaches. You can then adjust the rate limits or enable blocking right from the CloudFront console without any hassle.

waf cloudfront wordpress rate limiting

AWS WAF pricing

While standard AWS WAF pricing applies, AWS offers a built-in pricing calculator to help you estimate the cost of these security protections as you make your selections in the CloudFront console.

For comprehensive guidance on implementing these security enhancements, consult our AWS Solution Architect.

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