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BAUER MEDIA GROUP - Integration Platform Deployment in AWS Cloud

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Bauer Media Group is a multi-business organization that entertains, informs, and serves over 200 million people. Present in four Business Areas - Publishing, Audio, Online Comparison Platforms(OCPs), and SME Services, operating in 14 countries. With leading Online Comparison Platform (OCP) market positions in Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Bauer Media Group has over 16,000 employees in 14 countries and generated 2.2 billion Euros in annual revenue.

Business Requirement

Bauer Media Group has acquired multiple OCPs within the EU to accelerate market penetration in Europe. The customer had decided to replace the existing, in-house developed CRM for Salesforce to improve the productivity of the sales team and gain a 360-degree overview of their customers across all countries.

The challenge was legacy CRM solutions that were not inter-compatible and every brand used its own in-house development. Business-critical logic and revenue were driven by legacy systems so it was not possible to replace them instantly without impacting the business productivity.

Bridging the gap and connecting legacy CRMs to Salesforce

The challenge was to connect Salesforce and legacy systems with no changes to legacy systems in a short period of time. Additionally, due to changes in the company, there was a lack of human resources knowledgeable about the existing solution.

To integrate Salesforce and legacy systems StormIT designed the solution that leverages AWS Cloud and built the Integration Layer that did all the heavy lifting in transforming the data and establishing the two-way synchronization.

reference architecture bauer media 1

The solution is fully based on AWS Serverless technology, leveraging services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon AppFlow, Amazon EventBridge, etc. The integration layer is designed in such a way to be scalable, with minimum management overhead for the customer, and the customer would pay only for what they use. The logic is handled by multiple AWS Lambda functions and the data is stored in DynamoDB. For logging, Amazon CloudWatch is used.

StormIT was able to deliver the solution in under 4 weeks at an extremely low cost for AWS services. The customer is able to send the new demands/orders to SFDC (SalesForceDotCom) and propagate changes made from SFDC to Legacy Systems with low latency in nearly real-time.

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