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InScope Choses StormIT and AWS for Deployment of their AML Solution

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As an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) solution provider, Inscope’s number one priority is to have a secure and compliant environment for their customers. With the help of StormIT, AWS Consulting Partner, InScope deployed their new environment in AWS in a short time while achieving the highest level of security.

InScope Introduction

InScope is a young and innovative company from Malta that develops powerful solutions for customers looking for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer applications.

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InScope-AML is a complete solution designed to help businesses that are required to comply with international directives and requirements issued by local authorities. International organizations such as Mazars Group and NCMB Consulting are among many Inscope’s customers.

Demand for Flexibility and Security

InScope was seeing an increasing demand from their customers and prospects for a SaaS offering that would provide customers with additional flexibility and wouldn't fall under Capital Expenditure (CAPEX).

InScope evaluated multiple cloud providers that were able to meet their technical requirements but also the highest security standards and compliance certifications. None of these requirements could have been realized with their On-premises environment.

Migrating InScope to Amazon Web Services

To address the company's challenges, InScope chose to migrate its core technology platform to Amazon Web Services, a cloud leader in Infrastructure & Platform Services. AWS’s Global Cloud Infrastructure is the most secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform, offering over 200 fully-featured services from data centers globally. The AWS Cloud, with its on-demand capacity, consumption-based pricing, and the incredible pace of innovation was an attractive option.

At this stage, InScope began working with AWS Partner Network (APN) Select Consulting Partner StormIT. The migration to AWS had been thoroughly planned and the architecture deployment had been designed by StormIT in line with AWS best practices. The AWS architecture now allows InScope to deploy a new environment on-demand and in a short period of time. An agile environment that responds quickly to an increasing demand from their end-users by easily scaling their EC2 instances as needed. They were also able to implement necessary security policies to meet and exceed compliance requirements.

A Highly Secure Architecture

It is business-critical for InScope that customer data are stored in a highly durable storage securely with a limited access provided only to approved personnel.

StormIT team took this into consideration and designed a Highly Secure architecture that leverages Simple Storage Service (S3) for storing encrypted data at rest that are spread across three Availability Zones and automatically replicated to another AWS region for Disaster Recovery.

By implementing a VPN connection and enforced HTTPS and SSL communication protocols, InScope ensured that all communication between AWS resources and the outside world is secure. To prevent unauthorized access from the outside and monitor the traffic StormIT implemented AWS Web Application Firewall.

To deliver content to users across the world, InScope uses Amazon CloudFront CDN.

Amazon CloudFront CDN, architecture diagram

Additionally, StormIT leveraged Amazon CloudFormation to automate the deployment of the resources and implemented replication to another AWS Region by utilizing the advantages of AWS Lambda.

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