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Improving AWS Infrastructure for Logickx IT Clients

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Logickx IT introduction

Logickx IT is a consulting company that specializes in delivering quick and practical IT solutions to its corporate clients. To meet the technical demands of these clients in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment, Logickx requested assistance from the StormIT team because of their limited AWS expertise.

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Client challenges

Logickx IT faced several challenges, including the need to improve security for their clients' database systems, establish secure connections between their clients' on-premises environments and AWS, and enhance the security of their clients' EC2 instances with web applications that need to be accessible through the public Internet. The limited AWS knowledge posed a challenge in reaching these objectives.

StormIT's team solutions in AWS Cloud

StormIT, an experienced AWS Advanced Partner specializing in AWS cloud and edge services, collaborated with Logickx IT to address these challenges and works further to help them optimize the security, costs, and performance of the AWS infrastructure.

  • AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Application Load Balancer (ALB): StormIT guided Logickx IT in implementing AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) in conjunction with an Application Load Balancer (ALB). This setup improved security for Logickx IT's clients' applications, safeguarding them against online threats on layer 7 of the ISO/OSI model.

waf infrastructure

  • AWS Site-Site VPN: After a thorough review of how it’s best to secure the connection between on-premises and AWS Cloud, StormIT established a reliable connection through AWS Site-to-Site VPN between Logickx IT's clients' on-premises systems and their AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). This enabled safe and seamless data exchange between the two environments.

vpn infrastructure

  • Amazon CloudFront: To secure web content delivery, StormIT configured CloudFront for Logickx IT's client. CloudFront ensures reliable access to web content while enhancing security by using specific CloudFront functions and TLS/SSL.
  • EC2 Instance Security: StormIT implemented robust security measures to protect Logickx IT's clients' EC2 instances, strengthening their systems against potential threats.

Results of the cooperation and conclusion

The collaboration between Logickx IT and the StormIT team has significantly improved the AWS environment for Logickx IT's corporate clients. These clients now benefit from enhanced security, reliable communication between on-premises and cloud systems, and improved protection for their EC2 instances. StormIT's expertise has empowered Logickx IT to better serve its clients' technical needs within AWS.

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