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Updated: 11/2/2023Published: 11/2/2023

StormIT Achieves AWS Well-Architected Program Designation

In this article, you will learn:

We are thrilled to share the great news that the StormIT team has successfully completed the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program, showcasing our commitment to helping organizations navigate the complexities of AWS.

Well-Architected Partner Program

As part of this program, AWS Well-Architected Partners like StormIT gain expertise in implementing best AWS architecture practices. During the program, Partners learn to review AWS workloads and make improvements to align with evolving business and customer needs.

Now, let's explore the foundational AWS Well-Architected Framework, often referred to as the pillars of Well-Architected:

1. Security: The framework provides a guide on how to protect data, applications and services through risk assessments and best practices. It also guides what AWS services to use to more broadly achieve secure environments.

2. Reliability: The framework helps Partners design resilient architectures that safeguard uninterrupted service, even when faced with unexpected failures.

3. Performance Efficiency: The framework offers insights into optimizing and managing resources to maintain high performance.

4. Cost Optimization: The framework assists in managing costs efficiently, ensuring that resources are used efficiently based on a good understanding of AWS pricing.

5. Operational Excellence: The framework promotes automation, responsiveness, and overall operational efficiency.

6. Sustainability: The framework focuses on environmentally responsible practices through efficiently using resources, reducing waste, and minimizing the organization's AWS carbon footprint.

Why StormIT's Completion of the Program Matters

StormIT's designation as an AWS Well-Architected Partner signifies more than just a badge; it represents a commitment and a guarantee of top-tier service. Here's why it matters:

1. Enriched Customer Relationships: StormIT leverages the AWS Well-Architected Framework to identify and eliminate high-risk issues in customers' workloads.

2. Application of AWS Best Practices: StormIT's adoption of best practices not only saves time and reduces costs but also leads to more secure, performant architectures.

Why it’s Good to Have a Well-Architected AWS Environment

For many AWS customers, the main challenge is selecting the best architecture from among everything that AWS can provide. There are many services in AWS and it's hard to filter every option and decide on the most appropriate option that follows AWS best practices.

Let's look generally at why it is important to engage in a Well-Architected review:

  • to receive valuable insights about security
  • to allocate and reduce costs
  • to improve the reliability of your application
  • to test, measure, and boost performance
  • to lower the effort for operation and maintenance

A successful Well-Architected review leads to overall better workloads in AWS and a more informed team in your organization.


For StormIT, this achievement is a commitment to building secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructures for their customers. By embracing the principles of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, StormIT has solidified its position as a trusted and competent partner in AWS.

Interested in a Well-Architected review? Let's start now with a short introduction call.

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