Managed Cloud Services


Focus on your business instead of cloud operations

StormIT has expertise in AWS Cloud infrastructure and delivers value by proactive monitoring, automation, and management of our customers' environment.

Depending on your IT needs, StormIT as a managed cloud services provider offers a robust AWS infrastructure with management by reporting, performance testing, backup recovery and more. We ensure that every cloud resource you own is being used securely and to the fullest of its ability.


AWS Cloud Management 

AWS is the world’s largest cloud computing environment, with 220+ fully-featured services. Designing, deploying, and managing an AWS architecture for applications is one of the most complex challenges that companies have to face.

Here are common scenarios where getting at least some help from a managed cloud service provider might be a good idea:

This is your first use of the AWS Cloud

AWS offers hundreds of options. As a qualified managed service provider, we make sure you get the features you need without paying for those you don’t.

Your industry is highly regulated

AWS environment is not automatically compliant. Our team will learn about your industry and use in-depth knowledge about the AWS Cloud to help you avoid costly mistakes and set up a compliant environment.

Your IT team is already stretched thin

Outsourcing some or all of your AWS deployment and day-to-day administrative tasks to our qualified team lets you better utilize your in-house resources and talent.

You don’t have the resources to monitor and set up your security

Potential breaches and security violations created by inexperienced people can lead to future issues. The StormIT team can help you plug the holes in your security defenses.

You’re thinking of migrating legacy workloads to the AWS Cloud

Our qualified team can help you find the safest, most secure, and most cost-effective cloud solution for these workloads and applications.

We are committed to helping you leverage cloud solutions while we set up, manage and protect your cloud environment so you can focus on your business. 

StormIT Managed Cloud Services

We continuously improve and optimize your operational capabilities in new and existing AWS Cloud environments.

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

We provide development, maintenance, and support for your business applications in the AWS Cloud.

Stormit provisions AWS Cloud environments and proactively monitors all systems.

Our team of cloud-certified technicians monitors alerts and manages incidents.

Latest Technology

By hiring internal IT staff, you will have to spend company time training when new technologies or required upgrades are released.


StormIT's certified technicians are always ready to manage the latest technology. We help you leverage cloud-native technologies.

Cost Optimization

At StormIT we frequently review changes in customer’s applications, traffic, and accounts, and base on this data we fine tune your AWS Cloud infrastructure.

We help you optimize the  resources (VMs, databases and storage) and take action on identified cost savings.

Security and Business Continuity

With StormIT, your data will be safe and secured across all AWS Cloud services.

Our team monitors and scans your cloud infrastructure for possible compliance issues, security flaws and more.


In the event of a disaster, your business and operations can continue with minimal downtime.

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What Customers Say About Us


„Great local AWS partner. They are friendly, helpful, and have given us good advice and AWS discounts.“

  Roman Novák, CTO & Co-Founder

Cinnamon Technologies Inc. 


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Here is why you should choose StormIT as your managed cloud services provider:

We have consistent, reliable, and strong customer service.


The customer is a true partner, not a number.


We have a friendly approach and responsive communication.


Extremely helpful and friendly approach from our certified AWS consultants.


Professional and efficient service.


Ability to fully understand customer challenges and deliver the required solution.

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