Website and App Acceleration

CDN for Web Applications and APIs

To deliver content to end-users with lower latency we leverage the Amazon CloudFront that uses a global network of 310+ Points of Presence (300+ Edge locations and 13 regional mid-tier caches) in 90+ cities across 47 countries and is still growing.

Dynamic or Static Content

Modern websites and applications are a rich mixture of dynamic, personalized and static content. Microservices also expose increasing numbers of APIs and requests between components. Amazon CloudFront is optimized for both, providing extensive flexibility for optimizing cache behavior, coupled with network-layer optimizations for latency and throughput. CloudFront supports the WebSocket protocol as well as the HTTP protocol with the following HTTP methods: GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS, and PATCH. This means you can improve the performance of dynamic websites that have web forms, comment and login boxes, “add to cart” buttons, WebSocket-based applications, or other features that upload data from end-users. It also means you can now use a single domain name to deliver your whole website through CloudFront thereby accelerating both the download and upload parts of your website.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Pay-as-you-go pricing with no committed-traffic.

StormIT offers preferential rates for Amazon CloudFront with pay-as-you-go pricing. You only pay for what you use and there is no minimum fee. For customers with predictable traffic, we also offer discounted private pricing with commitment.

Free data Transfer between AWS cloud services and Amazon CloudFront

If you use AWS origins such as Amazon S3, Amazon EC2 or Elastic Load Balancing, you don’t pay for any data transferred between these services and CloudFront

Access to all Amazon CloudFront features.

All CDN features, Edge locations and Managed DDoS protection (AWS Shield) is included in the price.

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Use Cases for Dynamic Content Delivery with the CDN

Application Development, APIs, IoT, Telemetry

For inbound data and API calls from devices, responsiveness and reliability of short, bursty requests can make or break real-world interactions and device behavior. In addition, the emerging world of voice assistants, smart homes, and other applications that require a low latency connection to cloud resources to process responses or actions can benefit from transaction acceleration through the CDN, especially when devices may be deployed on transient, congested, or lossy connections.

Retail, e-Commerce, Travel

These applications are highly personalized (e.g. recommendations) and dynamically changing (e.g. inventory, pricing). Fast discovery of products via search and browse is critical. Performance improvements for applications here translate directly into revenue and end-user loyalty. Amazon Cloudfront's support for dynamic content profiles and transaction acceleration optimizations make applications like these perform well under high demand. Extensive options for cookie and query string handling, cache key modification, CDN and client-side cache-control allow for maximizing what content is cached, what comes directly from the origin.


Targeted ads are computed on-the-fly based on cookie or query string data, and advertisers generally need low latency in serving ads. Amazon CloudFront can help meet the performance and personalization needs for such applications either by accelerating ad targeting calls from client to ad server, caching and delivering the ad creatives, or optimizing the reporting beacon calls.

News, Sports, Local Weather

Web applications of this type often have a geographic focus with customized content for end users. Content can be cached at edge locations for varying lengths of time depending on type of content. For example, hourly updates can be cached for up to an hour, while urgent alerts may only be cached for a few seconds so end users always have the most up to date information available to them. A content delivery network is a great platform for serving common types of experiences for news and weather such as articles, dynamic map tiles, overlays, forecasts, breaking news or alert tickers, and video.

Mobile Applications

Amazon Cloudfront can provide numerous benefits to mobile applications and web sites. From performing device detection, to caching variants by device characteristics, to working with Lambda@Edge to perform image optimization, Cloudfront can improve responsiveness and save money by reducing bytes delivered while retaining visual experience.

What Customers Say About Us


StormIT has proven to be excellent AWS partner in terms of CloudFront offerings, reaction, transparency and pricing. Personally, I was very satisfied with fast support response and quickly resolving any issues we had. "

Tomislav Rašeta, DevOps Engineer
Sedmi Odjel d.o.o.