Amazon CloudFront Pricing: How to Approach it and Save Money?

In this article you will learn:

If you don’t know what a CDN (Content Delivery Network) or Amazon CloudFront are and how they can potentially be useful for your business, consider reading this article first or watch our video about CloudFront.

Amazon CloudFront pricing

With CloudFront CDN it is very easy to distribute your content all over the world and to locations where you wouldn’t usually be able to deliver particularly fast. Before we get into the details on how to save money with Amazon CloudFront and answer your question, how to reduce my CloudFront usage costs, you need to learn how the pricing for the service works.

Amazon CloudFront pricing options:

  • Free-tier: If you are unsure if CloudFront is right for you, you can always start with the free-tier eligible account. As the name suggests you get to use Amazon CloudFront for free with the AWS Free Usage Tier. Once you sign-up as an AWS customer you receive 1TB (1000GB) of Data Transfer Out and 10,000,000 HTTP/HTTPS requests each month. Even if your usage is higher, you will only be billed for the usage above this allowance.

  • On-demand: Your costs are determined by pay-as-you-go pricing and the actual usage of CloudFront services. You pay for what you use.

  • AWS discounted prici